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For true transformation that enables members of marginalized groups to succeed in the art world, three factors are needed:

1. Neuroscience & Neuroplasticity.
That mindset is largely responsible for success is now a truism. Less known, however, is which neuroscientific techniques actually help to leave well-trodden neuronal paths and actually change the brain, thus enabling new behavior.

2. Business coaching for creative entrepreneurs
From marketing to project management to the art of selling and much more. With many basic business topics that are taken for granted in other industries, artists*, curators* etc. need a proper booster. Also the support in the acquisition of galleries, high level partners or sponsors ignites the turbo.

3. Hacking the art world
The art market ticks according to its own rules. Through our experience, knowledge of internals and understanding of the structures in the international art business, we have developed shortcuts that enable even non-privileged players to do amazing things.

These three elements are implemented in all our course for artists and curators.

In our hybrid online courses we provide course material (video teaching as well as workbooks and temoplates) in the membership area as  well as live classes with training and coaching in small groups.

Awaken the Artist Within

Awaken the Artist Within

AWAKEN THE ARTIST WITHINLaunching in January 2024 ATAW I is a life online course in German, which helps multi-passionate creative...

Art World Badass

Art World Badass

ART WORLD BADASS You have a studio full of work, but not enough exposure? Your art has to get out there! Free webinar includes: Insights...

Artcurator Academy

Artcurator Academy

ARTCURATOR ACADEMY Hybrid online course on how to curate an art exhibition with practical step-by-step directionsEmail...

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