You have a studio full of work, but not enough exposure?

Your art has to get out there!

Do you ask yourself:

How do I get into -the right- group exhibitions?
How do I get a solo exhibition?
How do I show my work to curators?
How do I get gallery owners into my studio?

Join my free webinar on:

Psychological aspects and neurogical techniques for more success in the artworld!

Free webinar includes:

  • Insights into how the art world “ticks”
  • Practical steps to land your next show.
  • Understanding of psychological aspects of what is holding you back. 
  • Powerful mind hacks, that will enable you to show your art at the exhibitions you always dreamt of.

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Show your art!

Your art has to be seen! By gallerists, curators, journalists, collectors and of course art lovers!

Easier said than done?

This course teaches practical steps and artworld hacks and everything you need to know to poach a gallery, an article in an art magazine or an exhibition!


Eight weeks:

  • 1:1 onboarding Coaching session
  • weekly zoom teachings
  • step-by-step practial implementation homework
  • accountability group calls
  • sparrings partner
  • effective Mindset Coaching techniques
  • behind the scenes secrets by curators and gallerists
  • … and so much more!


It´s time!

Start: September 2022


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